First worship the Immortal Gods,
as they are established and ordained by the Law.



We call our faith Threskeia, because with this word was named the ancient Thracian faith too:

For it is said that Orpheus the Thracian was the first to prescribe the Greeks' mysteries. And honoring a god they called θρησκεύειν ["to worship"'],

the invention being Thracian.[1]


Our faith is not based on scriptures and divine revelations, but on rituals and the traditions associated with them. 


We accept that there is eternal energy whose expression, which we honor, is the image of the Great Goddess.  According to our faith She creates and keeps everything on herself. In Threskeia the object of homage is the image of the Great Goddess i.e. her comprehensiveness in the three time aspects and in the three worlds. According to the concepts of our faith, they are earth, heaven and sea.  We name the Great Goddess Hecate because we follow historically valid tradition for naming the Triple Goddess in the territory of the ancient Thracians. In Threskeia we believe that the Great Goddess conceive by herself and gives a birth of her divine Son, who is dual and is symbolized by the Sun in daytime and by fire at night. We call the God Sabazius at day and Zagreus at night, and his united image we call Dionysus.

In Threskeia we worship and celebrate many other deities, belonging or connected with our history and community. Accordingly, we believe that every single goddess is an image or other name for the Great Goddess and every single god is an image or other name for the God.

In Threskeia we honor and celebrate the circumrotation in nature including the cycles of birth, death and rebirth.

We accept that there exists spiritual reality and it is connected with the physical one.  We believe we can change and study the physical reality with appropriate knowledge.

Following the ancient spiritual continuity Threskeia accepts for its main principles the Golden verses of Pythagoras


[1] Byzantine Greek historical encyclopedia of the ancient Mediterranean world - Souda

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